Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Things Changed and They Changed ...

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They were kind.
They were good.
They were helpful.
They were friendly.
They were generous.
They were courteous.
They were extremely pleasant.
They were neighbours from heaven.

That was many months ago.
That was their 'darkest hours'.
That was when they were neither with friends nor allies.
That was when no one in the neighbourhood ever talked to them.

Things changed.
They are popular.
Hordes of  ignoramuses frequent their den.
They are literally shot to stardom when their 'black magic' astonishingly works.

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Halloween Glitter

They are no longer the neighbours from heaven.
They are just the opposite.
Their kids are rude.
They are mean.

We have lost them... indefinitely!
But, I do hope...that it won't be for long ...

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