Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Today is the Day...

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I've been away for a number of days.
Some other important matters beg for my immediate attention.
I left my blog on its first anniversary, and tonight, suddenly I've the urge to update Sophyta's Casita.
I don't feel good of leaving my 'home' unattended, even for a short time.
I feel guilty of having , YOU my readers reading the old moldy posts again and again.

Yes, the title says it all.
Today is the day!
I've been counting days and nights to have this day.
I've been toiling hard to materialise this day.
I've been travelling a few thousand miles to reach the destination.
And, most importantly, I've 'sacrifice' my love ones to get to this day.

My dear readers, do come back for more updates.
The grand revelation would be the day after tomorrow...
You have my word!

Thank you for reading.
Sophyta's Casita always keep its door ajar...waiting for your arrival.

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