Friday, 12 August 2011

When I Go Blogwalking ...

I love blogwalking.
Whenever I'm free, I'll go blogwalking. I scour the Net for interesting blogs. These are the qualities of blogs that make me enter the "blogger's house".
  1. Beautiful.
  2. Adopting interesting personalised templates or header. Linking with Michelle.
  3. Load up in a matter of seconds. Linking with MichelleAmy and Kim.
  4. Without songs or musics. Linking with MichelleAmy and Kim.
  5. Using white or light coloured background. Linking with MichelleAmy and Kim.
  6. Being updated regularly. Linking with Amy.
  7. Comments responded and attended to promptly. Linking with Kaz and Mas.
  8. Bloggers readily welcome unknown readers or strangers. Linking with Michelle, Amy and Kim.
  9. Blogs with interesting and meaningful posts.
  10. Blogs that don't scrape others' contents (no plagiarization).
  11. Using good English. Linking with Michelle Worgan.
  12. Communicating well with readers.
How about you? Do you go blogwalking? Do you stop by often?

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