Friday, 1 July 2011

Peace of Mind ...

Serene, tranquil, peaceful, unruffled, untroubled, undisturbed, unhurried, cozy, cushy ... these are the feelings that I'm sure will propel me towards more purposeful and meaningful lives.
Before attaining this 'high' state of mind, I'm fully aware that I need to invite peace into my lives. Then, I need to embrace it tightly. The best part of it, I have to integrate the state of mind into my daily life.
Those big words don't simply walk into one's life. They are said to come with awareness, acceptance, surrender, compassion, detachment, moderation, virtue and last but not and faith.
It seems I have to first, free my poor mind from egos and all emotional swings, which often pay me unexpected visits.
I'll not experience the peace of a great yogi; neither I could bring it permanently into my lives, without making the much needed sacrifices.
However, for a laywoman like me, the following practices  did help in developing my emotional resilience and establishing peace in my mind....
  • Overall the most important things in my home environment that help me feel calm are neatly arranged stuff and clutter-free rooms.
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  • During meals at home I feel peaceful when all four of us could sit together for a meal.
  • I feel serene when interacting with my family at home when everyone displays carefree attitude.
  • It is easy to stay calm even when very busy at home if I don't have clouds in my head.
  • I can find more peace of mind at home during tough times if I choose to be at peace.
  • Even if others at work are upset, I can stay calmer myself by reminding myself that it's not the end of the world.

  • When I am cool and collected on the job, I am better at producing the better results.
  • Some outdoor recreational settings that often make me feel centered and serene are holidaying at cool, fresh and breezy places.
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  • Some indoor recreational settings that often make me feel at peace are reading my favourite books and updating my blog.
  • A special quiet and serene place I might go for a vacation is Chiang Mai, Thailand. (I've visited the place twice and I wish to go again...) 
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I'm sure, you've your own unique ways in attaining peace of mind. I'm looking forward to hearing your ways and suggestions.

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