Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Losing My Voice...

It started with a mild fever.
It went off after a cold shower in the morning.
The fever returned at dawn.
The next morning I'd a sore throat.

Miss Chatterbox

I ignored the 'red alert'.
Teaching was done as usual.
My pupils are my priority.
Lots of explanations and reading aloud done.
At the end of the two-hour period, I began croaking.

Fever returned at noon.
I dismissed an offer to be referred to a physician.
By evening, my precious sweet dreamy VOICE gone.
I pushed all the negative feelings to the back of my mind.
My VOICE would be restored by tomorrow!

Alas, till this moment, I'm still VOICELESS!
To those who had never gone through this predicament,
losing your voice is akin to losing an arm.
I'm handicapped.
My only way of communication is through sign language.
Pen and paper are of great help, too.

I'd even conduct a language class, and the pupils were very sweet.
Those little kids were extremely understanding.
They waited patiently for my 'written instructions'
and thereafter got down to work.
It worked perfectly well.

Oh, how I pray my voice would come back soon.....


Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, I hope you are feeling better! I teach too, and it's so tough when you lose your voice.

Thanks for the comment over at my place. I didn't mention relatives in my post and they are beyond important lovers of my kids too!

Sophyta said...

Thank you, Amy. I feel extremely good to have you posting your comments here. It's really tough when it comes to teaching.

I do have people constantly dropping by, but, maybe it's due to OUR nature, my people prefer to read and follow in silent, instead of being heard.

Kaz said...

Oh dear, i know and understand the feeling coz i am still recovering from a very bad sore throat that I have had since 2 weeks ago. Though people said my voice is sexy, I surely prefer my normal voice back. I think weather has a part to be blamed here as well.
Take good care dear and may you have a speedy recovery.

Sophyta said...

TQ Kaz for your kind words.

Thank God that we're communicating via this medium...or else I've to use either sign languages or scribbling notes. I've learnt a very precious lesson...more water is needed though we're not shouting to kids in classrooms.

Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

experienced that before ,dear and sure it was painfull.And I agreed with u in the case of our people following our blogs silently......it's good to read comments and those who have their own blogs know the 'sweetness' of reading the comments,right?

Sophyta said...

TQ Mas dear. Losing voice seems to be every teacher's misery. And again it falls back on our lifestyle, drinking less than the recommended amount of water...thus the effect of dehydration is unavoidable.

Regarding comments...I've a feeling that visitors shy away from posting comments at our place partly due to the language barrier. Most of them are not comfortable to do so in English.

Nonetheless, they should take this as a challenge. Everyone should make him/herself heard... the world is listening!