Thursday, 28 April 2011

Yo estoy vivo y coleando ... (I'm alive and kicking )

It's Wednesday, April 27, 2011.
The clock struck three.
I was called into the 'judgment room'.
There're only two examiners instead of the pre-mentioned three.
The chairperson looked very familiar...
Yes! It's a small world. He was my ex-lecturer back in MPPPP, KJ Pendidikan.
He's his usual self...forever warm and friendly.
We exchanged greetings.
I felt slightly better. He introduced the examiner, Dr Hawa, a very special woman.
She looked good, too.
I was then asked to 'pour' out my mind.
First, statement of problems...
Second, methodology...bla...bla...
The chairperson didn't say much ... most of the time, he wore a smile on his face.
The lady examiner tried to 'catch' me off guard a number of times.
Fortunately, I managed to 'ward off' her attempts... thanked to the earlier preparation.
I owed much gratitude to my supervisor, Dr Bala for preparing me well.
Not forgetting the love ones and dear friends who prayed for me incessantly.
Every thing went on ...smoothly.
All questions were given the best answer that I could think of.
Finally, the thirty-minute session was over...
I was released from the 'torture chamber'.
Once I stepped out of the room, I heard fluttering sounds...
Whoosh! All the butterflies who had camped in my tummy for days flew out...
They disappeared into the thin air.
I got back my 'life and soul'!

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