Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Viva ...oh...Viva...

The BIG day has come.
The day that I 'feared' most.
This word VIVA has been bothering me seen the first day I clicked APPLY on USM website for this programme.

It's true that we, teachers have no problem addressing a big crowd.
What's more I've been the state teacher-trainer for the past seven to eight years.
I've helped Kedah Edu Dept conducting courses for teachers countlessly.
My course participants were of myriad backgrounds.
Nonetheless, I survived. I've never been shot by any of them.
In fact, I captured them ( he..he..) I mean their interest most of the time.
But, why... why did VIVA bother me so badly?
I can only share with you the answer to this question late this evening.
Till then... pray for me... wish me luck... I need lots of it!

1 comment:

mas said...

All the very BEST to u my dearest one.You will be great in front of them, believe me.GOOD LUCK.I will be waiting 4 yr news tonite.