Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Little House on the Hill ...

Of course... this is not me, this cutie is my niece Lynn!
                             I was born to a very loving couple nearly 40 years ago. My mom was the most sought after maiden of her era whereas my dad was the man dreamed by almost every beau in his hometown. Their sacred reunion results in me being born into this world. Being the first born... I was showered with lots of loves and attentions. Though the necessities were scarce ...they brought me up with their utmost love and care. 
 My childhood days were filled with laughters and joys. Few years later, my parents had another two girls and three boys as additions to their bundles of joy! From then on, the little house on the hill was never the same again. Each day, it was filled with laughters, quarrels, wails and screams... All those ... surprisingly had spiced up our life! Without them, our days would not be  spicier and saucier! 

 Now... the little house  is still standing proudly 
on the hill... in the tiny quiet village. However, its population has dwindled... leaving only my dad, mom and a sis with her extremely good-looking son.

Nonetheless, the little house on the hill comes alive, creaks and greets me every time I pay it a visit! And... I'll not cease visiting it ... as for lying at its bottom is my heart and soul!

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