Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Day 5/37

Hi sweet people.

It's Day 5 in the challenge. And, the topic, still is about flowers and garden.

Hibiscus ~ our national flower and a rare beauty. Ironically, they are the minority in my garden.
(A repost from my FB.)

It's not only rose bud that is pleasant to the eyes, even the bud of a hibiscus flower is a sight to behold.

Orange was never my favourite colour but this orange hibiscus caught me off guard!

Yellow has never failed to attract me and this yellow hibiscus is an exceptional one.

Pink  looks a little droopy due to the heavy pounding of the late night rain. Nonetheless, its beauty outshines the rest of its kind.

My individual posting of the flower might have deceived you into believing that I own a garden full of these rare beauties. Believe it or not, the three beauties are sharing the same pot! Yes, all of them are from the same plant.

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