Saturday, 27 February 2016

Bougainvilleas ...

Hi beautiful people. Hope you're still with me. Did you drop by? Thanks heap if you did. My absence was due to this ... My new love interest. It's taken over my life - completely. I've been turned into an addict - a plant addict. I've been overwhelmed by plants - flowering plants (to be exact!).

Whenever I'm asked, 'What is your hobby?'
'It's gardening!'
Did you see how people changed! I changed too.
My reply to the above question used to be READING.

However, starting from September 2015, it's been changed to GARDENING! I spent my waking hours toiling in my garden, Dusita Vista Garden. I spent my sleeping time dreaming about my garden. In short, I eat 'garden' and I sleep 'garden' too.

I neglect my study. I focused on my plants. My priority is the 42-odds bougainvilleas, the hibiscus, the zinnias, the vincas and the English roses. Some other species are pentas, Japanese roses, allamandas, ruellias, jasmines, marigolds, ixoras, spider plants and some unknown species. It's quite a number right.

Thank God!  I'm a teacher, still.

Let's peep into my garden.

Mr Cocky, my hubby's favourite bougainvillea. It's one of the first batch bougainvilleas planted down the slope in front of my house, overlooking my neighbour's house below, and it's quite a sight!

Till then, Happy Gardening!


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