Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It's You, Aries ...

Day 125/365

It's been very long since I last updated this blog. To be exact it's already 25 days.

Rick Levine's words on Tarot. com impressed me and I decided to have them shared here.

Today May 5, 2015

Provided by Tarot.com - Rick Levine

People can't help but take notice of you when you walk into a room today. It's as if they are watching your every move to see what you will do next. Don't squander this chance to bring others into your camp. Remember, your persuasive powers are the strongest if you remain true to yourself -- so consider what you value most. Your integrity is non-negotiable; once you are clear about your priorities you can let circumstances influence your progress, but not your direction.

My student did it again! She's our district champion! Kudos!


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