Thursday, 19 March 2015

Kids aren't puppies ...

Day 78/365

Some kids are ignorant. Some are stubborn. They are as obstinate as a mule. They defy their parents who love them dearly.

Some kids are persistent and highly determined. They would not stop unless their goal is achieved. They would go against all odds.

Some kids are a plain fool. These buffoons and the nincompoops are like thorns in the flesh. They're invisible to our naked eyes but their existance is always felt. They poked and they pricked, most of the time.

I don't shun kids. I don't despise them. I like kids who are determined and persevere. In short, I like ambitious and inspiring kids. Nonetheless, as schoolgoing teens and tweens, they ought to set straight their mission. They shouldn't turn themselves into puppies.

Kids, falling head over heels in love with someone you might think is your soul mate ISN'T your priority. Studying IS!


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