Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Day 49/365

I used to adore LinkWithin.

I used to fall for this gadget.

I used to spend lots of time searching for LinkWithin.

I used to waste many hours of my precious time learning about LinkWithin.

I used to like how it looks on others' blog.

I had it install on my blog.

However, it's gone now.

I've had it removed!

I'm happy to have the gadget deleted.

My blog looks neater and more presentable without the cluttered Related Posts.

The hip-new look complements my magazine-style blog.

As usual, I spent many hours searching for tips on how to have it deleted, but none worked.

I tried adding CSS Code but the LinkWithin was still around.

I tried more advanced way - fiddling with the HTML Codes.

Alas, LinkWithin refused to leave.

Finally, I removed the gadget in the right side bar.

Phew! It was gone.

Time and again , it's through trial and error!


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