Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014 ...

Good evening people.

This post is the last for the year 2014. It's been a great year for me and my family.

Though we start off with a tinge of sadness and worry, we pull it through.

Apart from my dad's health, all else have been awesome.

The following great pictures relates the amazing 2014 story...

February 7, 2014 marked my lonely journey as a student, once again.

The day Korn reaped what he sowed.

Prayers held for our ancestors.

Korn attended the National Service.

Mother's Day celebration for our beloved Mama.

Korn was accepted to pursue STEM at NS Matriculation College.

Offered the much awaited scholarship after applying for the fourth time.

Effort was honoured!

When Korn was home during the break.

Feel good for being able to help out.

Effort was recognised. My teaching was recorded by the school technology division.

The annual family merit-making - Kathina 2014.

The construction of Dusita Vista - our dream villa.

Celebrating my man's birthday outside; breaking a norm.

The awesome kids with the best attitude.

Three years working with her was a wonderful experience.

Celebrating dad's birthday with much pomp and grandeur.

Us - at the wedding of the year.

Us - our concluding vacation.

The year-end vacation at the southernmost state. It's a rush but meaningful.

Goodbye 2014. Thanks for being a great year! 
Hope next year would be even better!


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