Saturday, 14 June 2014

My Cloud Storage ...

Good day peeps.

It's over! Yes, even though some of us are still using the USBs, the floppy disks and CDs are almost obsolete. Thanks to the advent of cloud computing technology. We have a choice to make. It's either the Dropbox or the Google Drive. 

I ditched the floppy disks almost a decade ago due to its sloppiness. I shunned the CDs as they are prone to scratches and glitches. I stopped using the USBs due to high virus infection. My whole life of work stored in two USBs vanished in the twinkling of an eye when they were formatted. They were badly infected and refused to open. The pain incurred was unbearable. 

When I was introduced to Dropbox late last year, I didn't fall in love with it straight away. I began to like it when the Internet connection at my workplace improved. It's quite generous in term of storage capacity. The 2GB is adequate if you don't save your whole life in there. It's even friendlier if you own a Google account. 

Nonetheless, my 2GB capacity is running low. I was rummaging for a bigger storage when I stumbled upon Google Drive. Mr Google is far more generous than Mr Dropbox in term of storage capacity. Google Drive offers a free 5GB storage capacity. However, saving and transferring folders with loads of files in them is not a piece of cake. It takes ages compared to Dropbox.

Despite the glitches and minor obstacles, I love them both!

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Khalipah Mastura said...

hi darling. i have been using dropbox for my personal storage and googledocs to collaborate and scaffold my students in their assignments/projects. It works wonders esp when the internet is superb!