Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Garden ...

Hi peeps.

Today is a great day. The weather is wonderful. A wonderful weather to me is not a day with clear blue sky. An amazing weather to me is a cloudy day with souffle of clouds looming over my little but serene workplace.

The colourful 'noon glories' are in full bloom.

In truth, I've no idea what's the name of this little-bud flower. 'The name 'Noon glory' is bestowed upon them as they bloom at midday!

The adorable little garden which snuggles cosily at one of the nooks and cranny in my school is the brainchild of one strong lady, our most respected Senior Assistant (Student Affair).

Here's the lady with numerous talents. She's a very good Maths teacher, has green fingers and a great cook, too! The best of all this lady has a heart of gold.


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