Friday, 25 October 2013

Technology getting in the way of education...

Can technology benefits our students?
Yes, it can.

Can technology positively impact schools?
It depends.

Can technology be a powerful tool for teachers to use?
At times.

Can the positive impacts of technology, if there is any, accelerate the educational progress of children positively?
It depends

But, one thing for sure, in our case, the fund, time and effort channeled to make the technology work went down the drain. All in all, it's due to the inexpertly managed system!

I have always believed that technology can have a positive impact on students if used properly. 
I have seen how motivated students are when they come up to the computer lab to work on their projects. There are hardly any discipline problems and all of the children are engaged and focused on their work. 

If only our teachers had more computers available to them in their classrooms, what an impact that would have on the students learning. I truly think that teachers need more technology resources and aids to help them use technology the way it is meant to be used with their students. 

Pathetically, teachers over here are constantly hastened to use the computer only for word processing and keying in futile students' information.

In truth, technology should be used as an educational tool to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity. Technology is not solely meant for storing purposes.

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