Thursday, 13 December 2012

People Who Made Lasting Impression on Me ...

Lots of us people like the rich and famous. A large number of us adore the stylish. Many more go for the royalties. But, it isn't the like of me. That group of people fail to leave indelible marks on me. They seem to pass unnoticed. They are never on my mind. None of them ever succeeded to make their way into my dreams.

I never thought of being rich and famous. I had never wished to be stylish. I had never dreamed of being born into royalties. A weird person I might be. Don’t fall off your chair as I would divulge more oddities. I might be the only one in a thousand or a million, and it unmistakably spells out my weirdness.

Whenever I surf the Net, I would head for the sites that serve books and the likes. I would browse for good reads, and more importantly the ones with great deals. The sight of a house or room scattered with books had never failed to fascinate me.

Thus, who made the lasting impression on me? They are no doubt the people who read widely. People with a treasure trove of knowledge enthral me ceaselessly. In a nutshell, knowledgeable people earn a place in my heart. The knowledgeable, in my dictionary is an individual who reads widely and extensively; he or she devours books as though they are Italian-gourmet delicacies!

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