Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Words that soothe my soul...

I'm easily pleased. No doubt. Just few little words could soothe me immensely.

I was quite upset over my girl's exam result yesterday.

 I was in a turmoil. I thought of it in the waking as well as in the dreaming states. I was mad with the system (education). I was furious with our fate. Why was ours being constantly played down? I kept asking myself the whole of yesterday. What did she do wrong? Why wasn't she be given a chance to prove her best? As a matter of fact, she was one of the best. She has the qualities. She beliefs in her thoughts. She holds strongly to good values.

Instead of letting her scored straight As in her exam, one of the paper was withheld; she obtained a B for that particular paper. To many others, this deems normal. But, to me it's a twist of fate. All these while, she did extremely well in that paper and why was she being adjudged a mediocre in the major exam?

However, early this morning, my wandering soul was appeased. One of my students' mom said these soothing words to me... and the important thing is her sincerity!

Student's mom: Your girl scored 6As! That's very very good! She's excellent! Anyway, what was the B for?
Me: Chinese Paper 2 (Writing).
Student's mom: Oooo...it's Chinese! Even we Chinese couldn't do well in that paper!

I'm out of the turmoil. As mentioned earlier, my soul is easily soothed....

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