Sunday, 21 October 2012

His Birthday...

It's the special day again. Yes. Today, October 21 is his birthday. This year's celebration is the Dragon Celebration. Thus, Mr Dragon is having a fiery scorching birthday bash. 

As usual our birthday celebration began after dinner, which was hours ago.The must have thing is the fruity-tutty chocolate birthday cake brightened with some candles. After the numerous clicks of camera, the birthday song filled the air. The birthday boy made a wish, the candles were blown out and the yummy cake sliced and distributed. Plates smudged with creamy white icing washed and put away. 

It's a routine but it doesn't produce a routine result! With each celebration, our bond is strengthened. And, with each wish, our love is growing stronger.

Happy Birthday Darling! You're my heart and soul.
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