Thursday, 24 May 2012

Of Gift Wrapping and Giving...

I love gift wrapping as much as gift giving. To be exact I like paper.
I love colourful printed gift wrappers.
I love wrapping loads of gifts in an assortment of beautiful paper.
After wrapping them, I would stack them up.
I would spend hours taking photos of the neatly wrapped gifts,
soaking in their beauty and neatness....

Recently, I bought and wrapped more than twenty boxes of gift for my girl's teachers, who happen to be my dear colleague. Buying gifts, wrapping them and get them personalised is an annual ritual in our family. Ever since their first day in school, my two children were told to honour and respect their teachers. They were roped in to select gifts, wrap them and have their teachers' name on each box. In short, they had never been left out of this 'holy' process.

From my years of observation and experience, one thing that holds true concerning gift giving among the young kids is the role of parents. By and large, respectful parents produce respectful kids.

Teacher's Day gifts wrapped up and personalised. It's time consuming yet satisfying. The personalisation process alone stretched out for more than three hours.

The 'little girl' (on the mobile phone casing) refused to be left out.

For her beloved BM teacher, Cikgu Amira Z.

Madam Chia's, our senior assistant.

Mdm. Chong's !

For Mdm. Aun, the angelic principal.

Madam Goh's!

For Madam Lee, her loving kindy's teacher.

Madam Yu's. Another caring kindy's teacher.

Miss Ong's. The young and talented.

The whole process was longish but it won't deter me from delving
 in rounds and more rounds of gift wrapping!

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