Monday, 5 December 2011

Toiled and Moiled...

Hi everyone? How's your weekend? Hope you've a great one.
As for me, I spent the past two days under the scorching tropical sun.
Ooops! Don't get me wrong... I wasn't away on a holiday at a secluded beach.
I wasn't basking under the Goan sun. I wasn't sunbathing in exotic Bali.

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Apparently, I was toiling on a patch of land...the size of a postage stamp in the last two days.
It's the race against weeds. Yes! You heard me right. Weeds found their way into our patch
much sooner than we found time to get rid of them. Weeds were everywhere.
They were around the young and vigorous saplings.. they were on the barbed fence...
and they even had the courage to entwine the helpless young trees.

Under the scorching December sun, both of us ... my life partner and I toiled over the
tiny patch from nine to seven. At the end of the day, we're soaking wet ...
hobbling home in sweat drenched clothes.
Ultimately, after toiling and moiling on the farm all day, both of us feasted on
 my mom's divine delectable home cooked food.

See you again in the next race... against weeds.
Till then...keep me close in your heart!

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