Thursday, 6 October 2011

Missing You ...

I miss you guys!!
Has it really been weeks since my last post?
I can't believe it.

Rest assured that I have not forgotten about you!
I'm just pretty dang busy marking  public exam papers ...
The time is flying away from me!

I still can't show you anything I'm working on yet...
But of course my dear friends know I'm working on the KSSR stuff.
The whole of next week I'll be with Year 2 teachers,
debunking the curriculum transformation myths.

And ...
I haven't been able to snap any new photos for my bloggy.

In the meantime, let's feast on these excellent photos taken by my youngest brother recently,
on the occasion of my mom's 60th birthday ...

I promise to show you what would I be doing with my district teachers as soon as I can ...

Happy Birthday, Mom!
I love you!

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