Friday, 3 June 2011

When Korn Was a Little Boy ...

This is my 43rd post, and I'd like to inject a little zest into my writing.
Instead of the usual blabbering, I've written a limerick. 
Hope you, my dear readers enjoy it.

My boy at five.

My dear boy whom I called Korn,
Loves broccoli, peas and corn,
Takes to computers like duck to water,
And all others don't seem to matter,
Brought me great joy when he was born.

My boy, Korn at six.

My young boy was rather shy,
To be amongst others under the sky,
He'd rather be in the room,
With his lappy in full zoom,
But, to many he's Mr Nice Guy.


Kaz said...

Such a handsome boy.
And you are very talented Chinda. How I wish I cud write like u...

Sophyta said...

Kaz dear,thank you very much. I'm sure you can...if you spend a little more time...

Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

I envy u too dear cos I am not good at that.......superb !

Sophyta said...

Both of you, my dear Kaz and mas are way too humble...i know you well my's either you want to do it or not...