Thursday, 9 June 2011

Eleven Going Twelve ...

The last two years in primary school saw my boy turning into a 'little man'.
He drew admiration from everyone, especially girls ...

Korn at eleven.

When I first held you in my arms,
if only I'd have known,
the years would feel like moments,
after you had grown.

Korn at twelve.

There's no turning back...
Thus, I'm holding these moments 
as hard as I can.
As the next time I look,
I'll be seeing a man.


Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

without realizing the will sense worriedness in yr mind watching how your son grows.

Sophyta said...

Dear Mas,
Yes,I am indeed.
I think the best person to turn to for advices is you, my dear sis.
You have two handsome grown up son, and I'm very sure you're an excellent 'navigator'. Your boys are doing well.