Monday, 9 May 2011

Line off, Stuff Done ...

We live in the 21st century. 
We live in distracting times.

We are living distracted and the worst thing about it is that we are always finding more and more things on the Internet to distract us from our goals instead of simplifying our lives. Thus, our tasks can easily get derailed. 

We surf the net, respond to friends' posting, check emails, answer emails, chat on SNS, juggle mobile phone calls… the list doesn't end there. I fall into this distraction trap as badly as anyone.

Getting rid of these distractions may sound far fetched . However, minimizing them is realizable.

When I embark on a task, say writing this blog post or doing my school SBOA reports, many a times I tried this technique. I turn off incoming email (work offline) and close my web browsers. My mobile phone is set to silent. When the task is over, I turn everything back on and resume the addictions!

It works.

Since it works with me, it might work with you, too!

Why not, give it a try! 

It's timely to bid Mr Distractions farewell...

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