Saturday, 16 April 2011

Joy in sprucing up my blog...

A blog is akin to one's home.
Being able to spruce up our home is an indescribable joy.
Discovering a Santa Clause-blog is a boon to a greenhorn blogger like me.
I would like to call it a Santa Clause-blog as there are loads of free stuff to be shared with other bloggers.
Yes, DottyDotDot is a blog which focusing on free giveaways! 
The pastel colour-designs offered captured my interests instantly and with that discovery I've changed my blog background and header twice in less than 12 hours!
Initially the cupcake design struck me, but 12 hours later, Dots, Ribbons and Balloons background hit me.
After a bit of resizing and  touching up ...Voila!
The new header snuggles elegantly on my blog.
Till I make a new discovery, this cool blue header will adorn Sophyta's Casita!


Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

It's normal to change the skin of your blog,honey.I did that since I first fell in love with blogging and till now, I still change the details here and there. If you are a permenant follower of my blog, you'll realize......will never be satisfied with the same old pattern all the time,aint we?

Sophyta said...

Dear Mas,
I'm well aware of the many changes that you I've been following your blog (in private) since you first announced it on FB. Jangan mare spurred my interest to have one...a blog of my own. Thank you, dearie!