Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's my birthday!

Yes, today, the 20th of April is my birthday!
I'd had a grand celebration with my family last night.
All of my siblings, except for the first brother, Cha were there.
All in all, my lovely parents, four siblings, my hubby, my two kids, a sister-in-law and her baby girl, my bro-in-law and her 4-month-old daughter and my nephew celebrated my birthday last night.

My hubby presented me with a 'gorgeous' fruit birthday cake.
And...the biggest birthday gift I've ever received is the confirmation letter from the SPP.
That's not the end of the surprise...

My cute daughter and her little friends threw me a 'big' birthday bash!
The kids presented me with a cute little cake with a tiny candle on it.

Their innocent act touched the core of my heart.
Thank you 5Ms!

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