Thursday, 14 April 2011

Each of us has our very own strength ...

I always look up to others and belittle my own capabilities. One's dresses used to deceive me. One's look used to deceive me. One's way at words deceived me greatly. I used to generalise that they were the best God creature.

But, thank God. Those were things of the past. I've learnt a very precious lesson. Not all who dress up to the nine are genius. Not all who have good look, have good brain. Not all who preach well are intelligent.

Each of us has been bestowed with our own intelligence. Our duty is to dig it and to put it to a good use. Don't let others manipulate and intimidate you. Don't allow others to make you look like a moron. Rise and hold your head high. Move forward steadily and carefully! Simplicity and humbleness are the best guidances to success.


Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

Ilove this,missy!

Sophyta said...

Thank you, sweety! You're none of the above. You always 'teach what you preach'!