Monday, 13 September 2010

Winding up ...

      The holidays have come to an end. Tomorrow is working day. Most of the planned works are done. There're a few more needed my attention. Ironing, cleaning, sweeping, tidying up, vacuuming ... ought to be executed today! The past ten days at home were blissful. I've accomplished most of the task ... assignments have been wrapped up, group work ... my part was written! Hope to start the day  anew tomorrow!
      Nonetheless, at this moment, hordes of chores waiting for my attention. Just whipped up few dishes and they seem to whet my family's appetite well. Broccoli with minced meat, deep fried fish slices, stir fried red meat with sliced ginger and pumpkin risotto. Voila! A sumptuous lunch for my loves!
     By sunset this evening, everything should be in order. Clothes should be ironed, paper work should be ready for printing, and the most crucial one ...mindset  should be tuned to working direction!

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