Saturday, 16 May 2015

Happy Teacher's Day 2015...

Day 136/365

It's our day, teachers.

Thank you dear students for the thoughts. We're touched. It takes more than creativity to produce a great piece of card for your former teachers.

We're blessed to have students like you, Law Yeen, Sheril, Wani,, Sukhay, Khor, Leong, Su Wen, Heng,  QQ, Yu, Jafni, Ray, Shakti and Krissanak, and many more...

Thank you. We love you.

Your teacher,

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day ...

Day 130/365

It's Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all great mothers out there.

Both ladies in the picture are a mother. However, there are stark differences between the two of them. My beautiful mom is a supermom. She can do everything and anything for all her offsprings. The words I CAN'T and NO are not in her vocabulary list. 

She's very energetic even in her sixties. She cooks three meals a day without fail. She strongly objects to take-away food. She prepares Dad's favourite food meticulously. She entertains grandchildren's requests lovingly. To her, feeding her love ones with outside food is an absolute no-no.

Personal hygiene and household cleanliness are Mom's top priorities. She cleans, scrubs, mops and wipes her house every single day. She makes sure every nook and cranny of her house is spotless before she calls it a day. In short, her house is kept spick and span all the time.

Mom adores all her brood. She loves the six of us unconditionally and we love her with all our heart. 

Words are never enough 
to thank you
for all that you do...

Happy Mother's Day,

Wish you the best of health and happiness, Mom!


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Yeok Chee English Carnival 2015 ...

Day 127/365

It's our inaugural event. Let the pictures do the telling.

Our activities ...
1. Hidden Pictures
For Level One pupils

2. Bingo

The teacher in action


3. Storytelling and nursery rhyme recitation

The winners

Announcing the winners

4. Word Maze

The honourable judges

Some of the partipants...
a.k.a. The storytellers ...
They display a great courage and perseverance.
Thank you for your interest in the events boys and girls.




Ratt, May and Mac

Pat and Wei

Jie, Phong and Afiq

Ying, Jill, Anis and Yong

Yee and Vixuan

Zeren and Adam

Lyn and Aqilah

5. Crossword Puzzle

6. Quiz

The dedicated team members...

Thank you everyone for making this event a success. 


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It's You, Aries ...

Day 125/365

It's been very long since I last updated this blog. To be exact it's already 25 days.

Rick Levine's words on Tarot. com impressed me and I decided to have them shared here.

Today May 5, 2015

Provided by - Rick Levine

People can't help but take notice of you when you walk into a room today. It's as if they are watching your every move to see what you will do next. Don't squander this chance to bring others into your camp. Remember, your persuasive powers are the strongest if you remain true to yourself -- so consider what you value most. Your integrity is non-negotiable; once you are clear about your priorities you can let circumstances influence your progress, but not your direction.

My student did it again! She's our district champion! Kudos!