Monday, 20 April 2015

Happy Birthday Sophyta!

Day 110/365

Happy birthday Sophyta!
It's Mr Google's birthday wish.
I'm thrilled to have it crafted specially for me.
Thank you Mr Google for your kindest thought.

Thank you friends, real life and virtual ones for all the sweet birthday wishes and the ever green birthday present.

And, the loveliest of all is the little birthday party thrown by my hubby.
Thank you Love for everything.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

We're the Book Masters ...

Day 105/365

I've written about our latest programme, Read It, Eat It here.

I'm very fortunate to have diligent and interested little students who are willing to be my Book Masters. Without fail, they get the boxes out and ready to be gobbled up during every recess. They sit with folded knees on the bare floor in the hall, waiting for their clients patiently.

Two days ago, they were given the logbook for recording purposes. The small gesture of appreciation elated them beyond expectation. They treasure the logbook with their beautiful name in print.

Thank you my dearest Book Masters. You make our reading programme happen!


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

It's Our New Year...

Day 104/365

It's Songkran Festival, our new year. I'm supposed to celebrate this annual festival to my heart content. I'm expected to visit my elders and ask for their blessings. I'm purportedly visiting temples and pay homage to the Lord.

I didn't get to do all those.

The reasons are ...
1. My the other half is working.
2. My son is at the college, busy preparing for his final exam.
3. I have loads of due and overdue assignments.

And, thus, here I am...updating my dear blog while listening to the new year's songs after  ...
1. editing and compiling the state midyear English Paper.
2. planning and preparing lessons for the next three days.
3. planning the Lesson Study for Year 5.

Happy New Year Folks!



Thursday, 9 April 2015

It's Our Day ...

Day 99/365

Our zone English Carnival...

It's our day. We won for out of five competition that we contested.

We're the champion for the public speaking and the first runner up for poetry and science storytelling. For Scrabble, we 're the second runner up.

Let's go through the happiest moments together...


Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Coffee Flavoured Paper ...

Day 92/365

Coffee flavoured paper, anyone? That's my girl's latest innovation. She was given a task - a Bahasa Malaysia portfolio. It's a simple and straightforward assignment. Other students her age might just grab a pen and a few pieces of paper, and voila, there goes their assignment. But, for Lin, she'll not be happy with just a pen and paper. She scoured the Net for wild ideas. She followed steps given on YouTube religiously.

One late Friday evening, my tiny kitchen was hijacked. There were coffee sachets, a tray, a paint brush, pieces of A4-paper and a hairdryer on the kitchen floor. She mixed the coffee powder with some water. She dipped the paper into the concoction. The result wasn't encouraging. The coffee paper didn't turn out well. She resorted to paint them piece by piece. In the process, she spilt the coffee mixture on the floor; cheered by swarms of tiny ants. Eventually, she  blew dry all the coffee flavoured paper with my hairdryer.

The painstaking process didn't end there. She had to caligraph the title of the story. She needed tracing paper and various other stationery. Her forever supporting Dad bought her all the necessities. Hope the assignments would be completed soon. I dreaded to see her burning the midnight candles completing the task. Deep down inside, I'm proud of you, girl. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

We're the Champion...

Day 91/365

Yes! We win!
The MU is the champion.
This competition has been around since January and the burly MU has clinched the coveted title. They're ecstatic.

They make other 'football teams' stare at them with green eyes. The Chelsea and Barcelona are forced to eat their heart.

The MU are given a small prize each. The prize might be small in size and value but it's very precious and meaningful to the children. They treasure their winning trophy. They paraded it around.

The prize has made them more interested in my lessons. The teeny tiny prize succeeded in stirring up their extrinsic motivation. Their intrinsic motivation is yet to be uncovered. I'll keep on motivating and inspiring my posse. Yes,  I definitely will.