Thursday, 24 July 2014

From Working Wall to Google Drive (2) ...

Good day dear readers.

Today is the last day of school. Everyone in this country will get to enjoy a week long holiday as the Eidul Fitri celebration will commence on Monday, the 28 of July. Happy Eid to all Muslim friends and readers.

Though it was the last day of school, my Primary Six was very enthusiastic still. They tackled the task with much gusto and a sense of youthful exuberance. 

Writing pieces which I had earlier edited were given a new lease of life. Every mistake and error was corrected under my scrutinisation. No stones were left unturned. Each team member painstakingly corrected and improved their pieces. Once the necessary corrections  done, remarks and comments would be scrawled at the footer of the writing pieces.

What they enjoyed most about this Google Doc was the ability to synchronize. It worked wonders with my primary six. They teamed up and began writing. The less proficient kids did the correction based on teacher's suggestion while the smart ones moved on with a new topic. Thus far, five topics have been completed.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

From Working Wall to Google Drive ...

Good day great people.

It's very hazy over here; I mean the weather. The annual 'haze pilgrimage' has officially begun, again. The air is smoky. The vision is blur. I see white wherever I go. That's about the weather. I can only hope that it'll rain soon.

As for the teaching and learning process, we're half way through the cloud lessons. My Primary Six students have started writing, be it on the Working Wall and  during cloud lessons. They are doing well. In this entry, I would like to share Our Working Wall as well as my students' online writing project. Let the pictures and snapshots do the talking.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Of the Ruler, Pencil and Eraser ...

Good day my beautiful readers and friends.

I've come across something very interesting today while doing my writing with the Primary Five.
Three 11-year-olds amused us with their 'antics' and they made the whole class learn a new word the 'fun' way.

The three bubbly boys from Primary Five didn't do their homework, as usual. I sent them to a corner and made them complete their work. They did it in barely 20 minutes. I was positive that they could do it on their own as the rest of the class had faced no problem with the task.

When they handed their work to my 'bright spark', she did point it out to me. She was mumbling the word 'PENCIL' a couple of times but I just brushed off her curiosity. I told her that they might have made some spelling mistakes.

As I was grading their piece, I came across this 'gory' finding. It's an exercise on parallel writing and they, literally did write it parallely!

The snapshots of these pieces will tell you the rest of the story...

I'll always remember this incident whenever I do parallel writing. Special attention must be given to the Chicken Littles. They're definitely different from the Bart Simpsons and the Alladins; and for the rest of the class, they'd learned what RULER is ... the fun way, of course!