Monday, 17 March 2014

A Magnet in Our Heart ...

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I couldn't help but fall in love with one of the greatest Paramahansa Yogananda's quotes on friends and friendship instantly. This quote speaks volume to me. Not everyone is blessed with this 'magic magnet' in their heart. I've experienced it myself. It's very annoying to work with a person who wasn't born with that magnet. What's more if she/he excels at soft-soaping the superior with her/his loquacity and verbosity.

Hence, it's crucial to maintain and safeguard the power of magnet in your heart!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

May I help you, teacher?

Late one afternoon, l stayed back after school. My headmistress (principal) stayed back too.
Here is our conversation; a conversation between a subordinate and her superior.

Boss:  Madam C, you know what...?
Me:    Yes, ma'am?
Boss:  Heng, the Year 6 boy ...
Me:    Ok, Heng? What happened to him?
Boss:  This morning, he came to me and asked me ... Teacher, may I help you?
Me:    Heng spoke to you in English?
Boss: Yes! He spoke fluently. I was taken aback but I did answer him in English, too.
Me:    Lovely! In fact, he always speaks to me in English though he could hardly write.
Boss: You've succeeded in capturing the kids' heart! Congratulations, dear!

I was flabbergasted!

Heng with a Chromebook.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Class is Noisy ...

My class is 'noisy', and it always will be. The students are chatty, active, energetic and lively. They are boisterous, too but they are very keen. In a nutshell, they look forward to having me in their class; and they always will be.

I'm well aware that my young charges love ...

  • the Qs and As session.
  • all the games that challenge their little mind.
  • the Point Rewards System.
  • and,  all in all they love being appreciated and acknowledged!

Some teachers like it quiet. Some like it very orderly. Some don't probe; no questions asked and no answers required. The lively eleven-year-old kids are made to sit in rows, copying every single word scribbled on the green board. The bell rings and the so-called 'teacher' stirs in her comfortable armchair. The poor kids rise half-heartedly and thanked the 'great' teacher for her 'meaningful' lesson.

My heart goes to those poor souls.


Saturday, 8 March 2014

APAD and GIFT ...

Programmes after programmes being introduced in school. Most of these programmes are spearheaded by different project managers. Ever since I leaped onto the teaching bandwagon years ago, scores of so-called great programmes had passed through school gate. Nearly all of them targeted the poor students, ushering them towards a better finish line. However, more often than not, those programmes were lacking these two vital criteria:

  1. feasibility and
  2. practicality
What used to interest the project managers most was the end result. They were more keen in numbers and percentages. They went to great lengths to make you fix an estimated target result. Did they know your poor students well? Far from it. Were they well aware of your students' learning difficulties? Far from it. Had they ever done any lesson in your class? Far from it - all in all, they held on tightly to the pathetic exam results. 

Things change, people change. More capable personnels lead the district and state education offices. They are educators themselves. They open their heart and mind to changes. They listen. To cut a long story short, a couple of great programmes were implemented last year and early this year:

  1. APAD 
  2. GIFT

Though these programmes are very much in their infancy stage, they are well received by my young charges. My young students could sense the benefits of doing APAD and GIFT. 

Thank you dear Kak Ros for the GIFT of life to the critical subject of all time.


Friday, 7 March 2014

My Rewards System ...

My Rewards System has evolved ever since our former mentor, Mr Douglas mooted the idea back in 2012.

From collecting sticker-like points, children are now equipped with a little note book whereby their points would be stamped directly into the book each time they performed a 'good deed'.

This Rewards System is seemed to have come a long way. Even the most challenged kids in the class have begun to show interest. I face less behavioural and attitude problems.

Thank you Mr Douglas for the invaluable thought!

Dear students,
Be good,
Collect stamps,
Get rewards!