Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014 ...

Good evening people.

This post is the last for the year 2014. It's been a great year for me and my family.

Though we start off with a tinge of sadness and worry, we pull it through.

Apart from my dad's health, all else have been awesome.

The following great pictures relates the amazing 2014 story...

February 7, 2014 marked my lonely journey as a student, once again.

The day Korn reaped what he sowed.

Prayers held for our ancestors.

Korn attended the National Service.

Mother's Day celebration for our beloved Mama.

Korn was accepted to pursue STEM at NS Matriculation College.

Offered the much awaited scholarship after applying for the fourth time.

Effort was honoured!

When Korn was home during the break.

Feel good for being able to help out.

Effort was recognised. My teaching was recorded by the school technology division.

The annual family merit-making - Kathina 2014.

The construction of Dusita Vista - our dream villa.

Celebrating my man's birthday outside; breaking a norm.

The awesome kids with the best attitude.

Three years working with her was a wonderful experience.

Celebrating dad's birthday with much pomp and grandeur.

Us - at the wedding of the year.

Us - our concluding vacation.

The year-end vacation at the southernmost state. It's a rush but meaningful.

Goodbye 2014. Thanks for being a great year! 
Hope next year would be even better!


Friday, 26 December 2014

We're here again...

Good evening peeps.

We are here again. It's our fourth time here. Within seven months, we've visited him four times.


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Meself Motivation ...

I'm wee too slow.
I'm slothful.
I need to be motivated.

For today, it's Helen Keller's ...

I can never consent 
to creep 
I feel an impulse
to soar!

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It's freezing cold and I'm stuck in the clouds...

Hi peeps.

 It's freezing cold over here since the rain pours almost every day. The temperature dips to 24°C and for a tropical paradise, it's cold. Walking barefooted around the house is no longer an option. The good old pair of slippers failed to do its duty. Socks. The black socks are the only viable option.

Today we had meetings at school and that signals the beginning of a new school year. It also means I've used up 90% of my precious holidays, Time flies and it does fly when you're having fun,

Nothing has been accomplished as yet. I'm still stuck in the clouds. The cloud and its kind lead me from one thing to another. It's endless. VLE is another factor that I just couldn't brush aside. I'm left with not much choice. Hence, I've to dive in and bring out the best of it.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Why did I choose this path?

Good evening peeps.

On February 7 this year, I registered for the long lonely journey. Months have passed and there has not been a single a day  where I haven't thought of it. It's always on my mind, day and night. I think of it in the waking time. I even dream of it in my slumberland.

At times, I envy others who are free to enjoy life. They aren't tied to any study obligations. They aren't bogged down with tons of journals. They aren't asked to summarize journals. They aren't asked to quote anyone's work. They aren't asked to do critical review of any journals. 

But, I have chosen this path. I've made the toughest decision in my life. I've to perserve. I have to make it happen in three years.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It's Cloudy and Foggy ...

Good day awesome people.

It's cloudy and foggy. Precisely. It's the state of my mind. I've been reading and researching but I'm yet to start writing, seriously. I have most of the information needed for the writing but I delay the writing process. I can't no longer call it PROCRASTINATION! It has since developed into 'sickness'! It's a kind of mental disorder. I'm suffering from a grave attitude problem.

Day in and day out, I'll find some other things to do. I'll concentrate on some other menial tasks and I'll go with them the whole day. I'll be very contented if I'm designated for other tasks. The main reason is I'll be 'excused' from putting my hands on the poor thesis.

Praying that I'll change! Hoping that tomorrow will be a new dawn!


Monday, 15 December 2014

The Rain is Still Around ...

Good morning peeps.

I was just starting to miss the rain. It was absent for days. I thought it'll be gone for weeks or worst for months. I've begun to brace for hot  and humid weather. I've smeared dollops of body lotion on what appeared to be my dry skin.

I was wrong! The dry season isn't here yet.

The rain hasn't gone after all. It is still around. It made its present felt last night. It came again this morning. It has been raining since then. It comes with freezing wind and the chill weather keeps most of the robust children in the neighbour indoors.

We, me and my siblings, used to resent rain when were small. Rain locked us indoors. Rain brought sludge and murky water.  Rain restricted our mobility. The worst of all, rain dampened our spirit.

Things have changed!

I, particularly love to see rain drops on leaves. I love the sight of trees and bushes being drenched. I adore the cool fresh air that come alongside the rain.


Friday, 12 December 2014

It's cool...

Good evening people.

The cool season is finally here. It's cool in the day but it's cold at night. Strong cold wind blows from the north incessantly. The sky is clear blue, without any signs of the lumpy grey clouds. The wind is a welcome relief but the scorching heat from the tropical sun is unbearable.
I'm in love with the cold win.

**This post is updated via a phone. A new beginning.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Dad, My Hero ...

Good day peeps!

Today is my dad's birthday!

Happy Birthday to the World's Greatest Dad!

For your words of wisdom, 

For all the times you stood by us,

For all the times your reassurance got us through tough times,

For all the sacrifices you have made for us all ...

We're so very proud to be your children!

We pray for great health and happiness...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Dream Comes True ...

Good morning peeps!

I have tried hard not to visit this blog but to no avail. The cool wind that barges in through my window urges me to write about him (the wind) here. Yes! Blame it on the wind.

I used to yearn for cold weather. I used to dream of living in seasonal region. I used to ask for winter. And, I know very well that those dreams would  never have come true. They're just a little girl's dreams!

In order to experience a cooler weather, my family would travel to highlands in the country and the neighbouring country. Needless to say those places boast a cooler climate than the stifling plains throughout my country. A three to four-day vacation is incomparable to living in the cool season places.

Two years ago, my hubby was being directed to occupy the quarters at his workplace. Initially, we were quite reluctant to move in; thinking of our newly-renovated house and its close proximity to my workplace. However, we were willing to give it a try. We moved in during the cool season ( of the neighbouring country; Thailand) i.e. December.

Apart from the cool wind which occasionally blows from the north, the place enjoys cooler climate as it's situated on a higher elevation; to be exact it's 1,250 feet above the sea level.

What I like most about this place is the wind. The wind always blows, especially in the morning, and it's usually very cold. Amid a hot day with temperature peaking at 35C, there're always cool wind blowing. The cool wind is a welcome relief. even to the green grass by the roadside.

Though it takes more than four decades to realize my dream, living here is a dream comes true!


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself...

Sawasdee Sunday gorgeous people!

Today marks the third week of my year-end holidays. What have I accomplished thus far? The answer is ... very little! Yes, it's far too little!

The reasons are ... lots of them! I'm sure everyone has the reasons (in fact, excuses) for your lackadaisical attitude.

In reiteration, PROCRASTINATION is the main one. Others are ATTITUDE and ATTITUDE!

I was way too busy giving myself to others. By right, I should have only lent myself to them.

I'm trying hard to take it (me self) back. I'm grabbing it back from others. For what a little time I have, I hope to give myself to my and only self. If Michel de Montaigne could do it back in the 16th century, I'll be able to do it, too!


Friday, 5 December 2014

The Wedding ...

Good evening sweet people.

It's my second entry for the day. Earlier today, I did mention Procrastination Collection. Yes. Attending a wedding reception is part of the procrastination stockpile.

Why is attending wedding dinner taken much of my writing time?

First, it's the dress. We spent one whole Sunday shopping for the evening dress. My girl got herself two lovely dresses while I bought myself three. My husband was very kind to wait on us, as ever. He was'nt allowed to leave the boutique as his opinion was highly valued.

Secondly is the trip. We made a few trips to the groom's house prior to the big day. Each journey took us almost two hours, and no doubt we reached home shortly after midnight.

Even so, relatives wedding shouldn't be taken lightly. Their happiness must be shared. Supports must be given. Whatsmore, it's my husband's nephew's wedding and he happens to be the first to be wedded in his family.

Our heartiest congratulations to you and your wife Boey! May you be blessed with a lifetime of love.


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Another Reason to Procrastinate ...

Happy Thursday awesome people!

I'm seemed to be very 'busy' these past two weeks. Each day I manage to find a reason, a good one to PROCRASTINATE! I, myself is awed at how good am I at finding ways and means to procrastinate. If you're puzzled on what I'm babbling about - I'm actually in the process of completing my Chapter Two. However, I'm stalled and side tracked!

Whenever I opened my proposal, I would be 'urged' to check my FB wall. Whenever I started typing, I would be 'coerced' to check emails; I mentioned emails because I did check office's emails. too. Each time I began to look for resources to back up my write up, I would be 'directed' to this blog. The 'bad' voice deep inside persuaded me to update this blog.

Dear post-grads,
Do you face the same problems?
Are you being constantly side tracked?  

School events contribute to my Procrastination Collection!


Monday, 1 December 2014

Dear December ...

Good morning sweet people!

Today is December 1, 2014. There's only 30 days left before 2014 leaves us. 

I've so much in my head but I've little time on my hands.

I've to speed up. I've to stop procrastinating!

I'm well aware that time and tide wait for no man.
But, here I am, updating my blog.

I'm a believer of Dicken's quote 
             "Never do tomorrow what you can do today.
                   Procrastination is the thief of time."

Yet, I procrastinate a great deal!

In actuality, I'm robbing my own self as the saying goes ...
      "Wasting time is robbing oneself!"


Monday, 24 November 2014


Madam Aun is irreplaceable.
My 9th superior is irreplaceable.
She's irreplaceable.
There's no doubt about that.
There's just no substitute.

I just couldn't find the right word to describe her (if I were asked to describe her in ONE word ...)
She has more than the defining qualities listed in the image below

But, she has left us.  
She's transferred back to her hometown.
I miss you dear xiao zhang.
Thank you for your kind-heartedness.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you.


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Change Your Heart

Good day beautiful friends

This quote is amazing, Shall we give it a try?
"You change your life by changing your heart!"
It's Max Lucado's.

Some of us are so very vindictive and revengeful which cause us sleepless nights.
 Some of us are so full of jealousy and thus we're in constant suffering. 
We become mean to others! 
And because of jealousy we start becoming phony, because we start pretending. 
We become more and more artificial. 
Hence, it's timely to change our heart if it turns out to be like this ...


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Kids and PowToon

Good day awesome friends!

Post-UPSR activities for my Year 6 students. We created animated presentations with PowToon and had them published on YouTube. The kids were exhilarated and definitely they had a whale of time.

The series of pictures below is a testimony to the kids' success and of course their happiness.