Friday, 14 September 2012

Exam Fever...winding down

My girl's exams are over. It was wrapped up at about four in the afternoon yesterday. She is relieved, of course. Those who had worked hard all these while would feel the same. To them, half the battle is won. Nonetheless, I believe, there are scores out there who merely 'live on charity alone'.

They are neither the poor nor the hungry! They have everything you want in life. 
"But, they refused to hearken, and pulled away the shoulders, and stopped their ears, that they might not hear."

They are said to live on charity as they depended on 'others' for the correct solution. These poor kids were trained in two very high order skills, i.e. to memorise and to be able to regurgitate. Yes! You heard me right. No doubt, they are spoilt by their parents, and worst still by their teachers. These youngsters exhibit behavioural problems from overindulgence by their affluent parents and unethical teachers. 

These kids have very little consideration for other people. They couldn't handle the delay of gratification. They always demand for having their own way.

My heart goes out to them. I pray that they will be spared from problems in later life. I pray that they will not experience any problems with professionalism and personal relationships. 

I'm thankful to good Lord that none of my young charges were trained or moulded in such a way.

Pictures below are not post-exams celebration. They were snapped on Lyn's 12th birthday a few months ago. 

This giggle of adorable girls has worked extremely hard and they would be rewarded handsomely.

This bunch of boisterous boys has studied equally hard and they would be justly rewarded too.
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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Second Anniversary...

Two years ago today, I published my very first post, It's my dreamz ...! It was posted at 1.30pm and there's not a single comment left on that post. I bet none of you, my dear friends have ever come across the inaugural post of mine.

I'm not sure how many visitors paid Sophyta's Casita a visit on that day as I didn't have a counter until very much later.

You may check out the reasons why I blog here. The focus has expanded a little but that is still a huge reason why I do this.

Thank you for all your readership, interest and comments; I really appreciate it. I find it really exciting and encouraging that Sophyta's Casita has had over 15, 200 reads since its inception. These numbers, though small, are all trending up, which make me very happy and excited about continuing to write and share in the future.  graphic comments-Thanks  

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Battle ...Day 1

She was accompanied to the hall. She was showered with blessings.

Her teachers and her mother saw her off at the entrance of the brightly-lit hall.

Both teacher and mother went their separate way.

One and a half hours later, she emerged from the judgement chamber, unscathed!

Her sweet smile dismissed her mother's and teacher's fear.

She entered the hall for the second and third paper consecutively.

She smiled broadly again.

To a mom, one third of the battle was fought...and it was a battle well fought.

Terima kasih, Cikgu Amira!

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Exam Fever...

It seems like yesterday she set foot in this school, but it was long ago.

It seems like yesterday I tied her long lustrous black hair into a  ponytail, but it was long ago.

It seems like yesterday she learned her ABC, but it was long ago.

It seems like yesterday she sat for her first school test, but it was long ago.

And, tomorrow is her BIG day!

She would be sitting for the UPSR.

The four-letter word which turns out to be every parent's nightmare.

Her 6-year education would be adjudged tomorrow.

Good luck my girl. My prayers are always with you.
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Monday, 3 September 2012

School is where my heart is...

I love little children. I love their smiles. I love their chubby face. I love their innocence. I love their sincerity. I love the kids in them. Everything about them is seemed so pure and genuine.

These little students of mine welcome new information with open arms. They soak in new knowledge like a fluffy sponge. They show their unrelenting support for my every programme. They stand by me all the time. 

No doubt, at times, my little posses 'skidded'. They were not on the track of the system. In other words, they could not do well in the current trend of assessments. They were labeled a 'failure' by the system. However, to me and to many others who possess a sound mind, they are doing fine. 

They are in fact, doing perfectly well. They are well-equipped with soft and hard skills. They could communicate confidently and write perfectly well. If they were to be thrown out there...into the real world, they would emerge unscathed.

I pledge to do my very best, in whatever ways I'm capable of to help them. I would scout for new fresh ideas to be presented to my little posses. They deserve the best. Nevertheless, 'spoon-feeding' won't be in the list. These 'little cats' would be taught how to fish, as I always did. Giving them baskets full of fish is never my way of moulding kids. 

In short, my students are the main reason that make me stay put in school. Though there are vast opportunities for me to leave school, I've never thought of them. An offer came recently. I was offered a promising post at a district education office; and it was turned down within half an hour. The reason is ...................................................................................................................................................................
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Sunday, 2 September 2012


I'm proudly announcing that my students would be reading together with other kids throughout the nation on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. I've pledge that they would read for the event.

Dear school teachers,
Let's join the campaign.
Every flip of page brings knowledge.

Check it out here.

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