Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Do you have a 'life list'?

Do you have a 'life list'?

You know, a list of all the things you always want to do at some point during your short stint here... on earth? I have one, too....of course. I got my life list started long ago....long enough that I can't recall, anyway. I'm progressing...quite well, in fact.

Thus, today, sit down. Get your life list started. Review your progress on your existing list. Have you gone bungee-jumping yet? Do you really want to? Check in with your ambitions. Where do you want to explore? The first step in making it happen is thinking about making it happen. 

Use your imagination. I'm using my imagination...

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Kids will always be kids ...

Kids are always kids.
They are playful. They are cheeky. They are noisy.
They annoyed you. They made your blood boil.
They didn't do homework. They didn't bring books to school.
... at times.

As a teacher who care ...
... you talked to them.
... you advised them.
... you scolded them.
... you reprimanded them.
... you punished them.
... you sent them to detention classes.
... you sent them to the discipline teacher.

On that fateful day...
... they looked very sour.
... they avoided you.
....they had a strong feeling of resentment against you.

When you stumbled into them on the next day...
... they greeted you cheerfully.
... you saw a broad smile on their little face.

They are my little students who always have a special place in one of my four chambers.

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