Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Today is the Day...

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I've been away for a number of days.
Some other important matters beg for my immediate attention.
I left my blog on its first anniversary, and tonight, suddenly I've the urge to update Sophyta's Casita.
I don't feel good of leaving my 'home' unattended, even for a short time.
I feel guilty of having , YOU my readers reading the old moldy posts again and again.

Yes, the title says it all.
Today is the day!
I've been counting days and nights to have this day.
I've been toiling hard to materialise this day.
I've been travelling a few thousand miles to reach the destination.
And, most importantly, I've 'sacrifice' my love ones to get to this day.

My dear readers, do come back for more updates.
The grand revelation would be the day after tomorrow...
You have my word!

Thank you for reading.
Sophyta's Casita always keep its door ajar...waiting for your arrival.

Monday, 12 September 2011

First Anniversary...

Orkut Scraps Wedding Anniversary
Thanks Orkut Greetings!

Today, September 12, 2011 is my blog first anniversary. Hip! Hip! Hooray! This calls for a celebration as this post is my 96th post! Yeah! In a blink of an eye, Sophyta's Casita has turned one and she is short of only  4 posts to 100 posts with this First Anniversary entry.

A year ago, I was very skeptical about embarking on the project called BLOGGING. I had been reading Mas's rambling at LET'S VIEW MY BLOG and Kaz's writing on her family at KAZ WRITES, but it took me ages to muster enough courage to create a blog.

On this given day a year ago, I published this post and started the adventure in the blogosphere. However, only six months later I made up my mind to announce my blog to some very close friends. Wistfully, most of them chose to acknowledge my blog through small messages on FB. I understand them leave a comment on a blog pressing for ideas and views whereas commenting on FB are less wordy. Even so, Mas begged to differ. She was my very first blog commenter, and she still is to this day.Thanks my dear Mas!

Kaz is another friend who deserves enormous credit for encouraging, motivating and supporting Sophyta's Casita all these while. The sweet lady never failed to comment on my posts, and needless to say most of the comments on each post are Kaz's!

Writing this blog has brought so many awesome things and people into my life. It's really amazing. I've met interesting people through the blog whom I'm so glad to call them friends. Here they are ... AmyAsh and Becky, Kim and Robin. These are friends from "the other side" of the world.

Sophyta's Casita doesn't hold giveaways. There is no candy. But, I'm truly appreciative to those who have come a-calling at Sophyta's Casita doorstep. Please accept my big fat THANK YOU hearts!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Chasing My Dreams...

My work is my life.
My profession is my dream.
It's my childhood dream.
I love this job.
It gives me satisfaction.
It gives me a sense of fulfillment.
I'm contented.
I'm complacent.

Whenever I chance upon opportunities for self advancement, I would leap at them.
Opportunities don't always come knocking.
Thus, when they arrive, I've to open the door wide and invite them in.
My success means a better chance for my off-springs.
My accomplishments would  transpire a brighter future for my love ones.
Admittedly, I'm not after my dreams for a glam but realising them for the betterment of all dear to me.

With a dear friend, Madam Rositah, an officer from the state education dept.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Man Behind My Success ...

I completed my three-year-stint in the teacher training college 16 years ago. I received the Best Student Award for my field of study, and this is the man behind my success.

I graduated from a university with a first class degree in teaching 4 years ago. I was presented with the University Book Prize, and here is the man behind my achievement.

I have done my masters and would be graduating soon. I'm being shortlisted for the Persada Kencana Award (an award for post-graduated student). And this is the man who propelled me through.

He's my man, the man behind my  success! 
I love you, dear!


What about you? Who are the people behind your success?