Thursday, 30 June 2011

How Much Is Enough?

"He who is contented is rich." ~ Lao Tzu

A man has a Kancil.
He wants a Perdana.

A woman has a gold chain.
She asks for bracelets and bangles.

A boy has a toy car.
He wants a robotic toy.

A girl has a cloth doll.
She insists for a Barbie doll.

A husband has a sweet young wife.
He yearns for a younger one.

So, how much is enough?
Is the word ENOUGH  or CONTENTED exist in mankinds' vocabulary?
Are we RICH as yet?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

40 ThingsTo Do Before I'm 40 ...

I'm looking 40 in the eye.
Yes, I'm moving in the direction of the big 4-0.
Here is a list of things I wish to do before I turn 40. 

  1. Driving- accomplished
  2. Buy a car - bought
  3. Start a blog - done
  4. Earn a degree - done
  5. Earn a masters degree – graduating soon
  6. Stop whining
  7. Lose 30 pounds
  8. Think outside the box
  9. Bring something back to life
  10. Get into the best shape of my entire life
  11. Learn how to meditate
  12. Visit a new country 
  13. Plant trees - in progress
  14. Go on a pilgrimage to India
  15. Create my own website
  16. Write a short story and get published
  17. Get my posse to love English - in progress
  18. Become a GC
  19. Drive around Penang Island
  20. Read Sutta Pitaka
  21. Read Vinaya Pitaka
  22. Read Abhidhamma Pitaka
  23. Practise the sutras - practising
  24. Become fluent in Mandarin
  25. Discover what makes me truly happy
  26. Release any feelings of inadequacy
  27. Allow myself to make mistakes
  28. Become an early riser
  29. Kick negative habits
  30. Become a better public speaker
  31. Learn to say "no" without feeling guilty
  32. Maintain a positive attitude
  33. Learn how to take criticism
  34. Learn how to take compliments
  35. Acquire persuasion skills
  36. Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  37. Develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence
  38. Learn not to take what others do or say personally
  39. Reflect on my greatest weakness, and realize how it is my greatest strength
  40. Learn to act within my sphere of influence and stop worrying about things which are not within my control 
My dear readers,
Some of these things you may have done, some you'll want to do, and others you'll never do. And that's all good! 

Please share your list of things that you wish to accomplish, say before you turn 20, 30, 40 or .... (fill in the gap). 

It'll be fun to compare lists of things one's wish to do.

My Little Posse ...

They are my posse.
They are very dear to me.
Without them, I'm a nobody.

Some are pleasant.
These bunches are hardworking and determined.
They aimed for the best.
They would go to great lengths to reach for the stars.
They don't mind the hard work.
They are pleasant and could be reached.

Some are good.
They are icky.
These so-called rugrats shun homework.
They prefer playing to working.
They dream in class.

Even so, they need my love and care.
They need my guidance.
They need the light.
I can't just leave them in the dark.
I've to lead them to the end of the tunnel.

Though they might not grasp the stars,
I'd be glad if they could at least ...
read the road signs.
I'd be happy if they could at least ...
fill up forms.
I'd be ecstatic if they could at least ...
order food at a foreign restaurant.
I'd be over-joyed if they could at least ...
talk to me in a a grammatically correct English!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Positive Values Are To Be Instilled Not Taught ...

Most childhood education experts agree that building a child's character must begin at preschool age. 

But, to me, the process should have commenced in mother's womb.

The experts further asserted that youngsters at preschool age should be taught positive values such as honesty, courage, responsibility, compassion, integrity, self-discipline, self-reliance, kindness, friendliness, tolerance, respect, love, justice and mercy.

But, to Sophyta, these positive values should be instilled in each child, not taught.

Nonetheless, I can't agree more with the experts on the importance of character building which  seems to have been forgotten. 

We acknowledge kids' achievements more than we acknowledge their characters. We are more engrossed in finding out our kids' academic performance than imbuing them with positive values, which will build their character and which can enable them to make the right choices in their future lives.

To counterbalance against something harmful and destructive from the environment the child may experience, instilling good human virtues and moral values is of paramount importance. And, early age is an ideal time to do so.

Unlike academic achievement that can be unstable over time, virtues and moral values are consistent throughout the ages. They are the basic foundation of building a child with noble character, a child who is able to discern what is morally correct and incorrect, and a child who can make the right choices.
Home is surely an ideal place for parents to raise children with character.

To successfully help build kids' character, parents don't have to be either a child psychologist or a child consultant. What they must do is to be optimistic and have faith in their parental skills, no matter what their educational backgrounds are.
In fact, parents must be aware that they are the best teacher their children have ever had.

Parents certainly have their own typical ways of teaching their kids value systems at home, but they need to understand that simply telling kids the regular dos and don'ts won't yield any optimal results.
Children don't learn the values that make up good character simply by being told about them. They learn instead through observing and then emulating what other people are doing and acting out around them.

Among the many ways parents can use as examples to teach how to live a value-filled life, parental modeling is the best way. That is, parents set an example through their own behavior and actions.

A note of caution, however, needs a mention here. 

Consistency in upholding values as demonstrated in what parents say and do every day is important and shouldn't be overlooked.

Parents may teach the importance of valuing honesty, yet never keep their word when they promised children something, like having a picnic on a weekend. They may tell children the value of fairness, yet treat other family members unequally. If parents do this, their children are likely to emulate and eventually develop these attitudes as well.

What about you, my dear readers? Do you teach or instill the positive values in your children?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Powerful Force ...

[the wheel of life]

Karma is a powerful force today, so you can expect some interesting payback for the good deeds (and the not-so-good deeds) you've performed in the recent past.

This will be a very educational day -- it will teach you many valuable lessons about how to persuade people to see your point of view. 

You are learning more about how to use your charm to get ahead in your career, and this new knowledge is already starting to pay off.

Image credit.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Children's Father ...

He's the father of my two children.
He's my one and only consultant.
He's the pillar of our strengths. 

He's our navigator.
He maneuvers our ship to the shore.
He's our compass, too.
He directs us through the dense forest.

He fights on when we surrender.
He keeps on moving when we're on the verge of losing.
He's the warrior who constantly championing us.
He's indeed our HERO!

Happy Father's Day to children's father!
We love you, dear!

Are You Selfish?

Are you selfish?
Of course you're not.
If you are one, you'll not spare your time for my blog.
You'll not be bothered to leave a piece of comment that leaves me smiling the whole day.

I've encountered a number of people who are selfish. These poor souls are not only selfish but they do possess other vain characteristics as well. They are chance-takers. They are dominant. They are a show-off.

These nuisance creatures would jump at every opportunity for self-fulfillment. They would not mind stepping on others' head as they're making their way up. They would cringe at the sight of a menial job but would die for a glamorous one. For a clearer picture, let's have a look at the following vignette.

A few young corporate figures were working in a team, getting ready for a presentation. Suddenly, a glam in the group uttered,"OK, ladies... all of you do the thinking, I'll do the talking!" And off she went away. In other words, the glam is trying to be the group's saviour as she thought that the talking, especially in public, is dreaded by many. But, the bothersome creature failed to realise that not every reserved and composed soul is timid. In this case she might have forgotten the age old adage, an empty vessel makes the most noise, too.

With reference to the above example, the selfish soul has only herself in her mind. She was not bothered about the process as she's concentrating on the outcome. She knew it too well that all the credits would go to the presenter as her team members had put forth their best. She's indeed a great manipulator.

Though we're highly  irritated with these vain people, we shouldn't treat them as such. We're not selfish. I'm not and neither are you, my dear readers. I'd like to end this blabber with this ever green quote...

" Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you."

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Kids Who Don't Know How To Play ...

There are children who don't know how to play...not all but, a handful.
Though they are playful, they don't really know how to play.
These poor kids are actually don't know how to play creatively.

They might have lots of toys.
They might possess loads of play things. They might own the latest PC games. Nonetheless, they're lacking in creative play. They don't even know what a make-believe is.

These youngsters seem block and are unable to play. Most of them don't have the pleasure of exploring woods and fields. Many of them rarely have the opportunities to join informal neighbourhood ball games. 

They long to play, but circumstances have driven self-directed play out of their life. As they're left with no choice, they sat in front of screens, gluing either to the TV, video games or computer.

Creative play is something that occurs to the child naturally.
It is refreshing and enlivening. According to child experts, in childhood, there's no distinction between work and play. Kids seems to approach life with a playful spirit. Our conscience duped us, adults, into believing that young children need to be 'taught'.

No doubt, at times,we need to intervene when things are going wrong.
But, in actuality, we need to honour the innate capacity of  learning of every young child. Veritably, the young children are born with a marvelous desire to grow and learn. This instinctive urge should be nurtured and scaffolded rather than stripping them of. The young kids should be allowed to savour their childhood fully. They ought to be given opportunities to discover the magic of life.

Our posse need not be 'taught' every single trivial matters.
New learning that takes place naturally would be more meaningful than what is packaged and served on a silver platter. Those incidental discoveries would be stored in their LTM instead of STM. Eventually, it would lead to holistic individuals who could fully utilise their thinking.

When I was a little girl, I'd gone through a memorable childhood. We, my comrades and I had wonderful time under the sun. A make-believe play was a must-have activity in our play schedule. We're very resourceful, too as we handcrafted most of our playthings.  Surprisingly,the kind of play that we experienced, though small, had a share in our growing up process. We're more open to challenges that lie ahead.

Hope that it's not too late for most of us, educators and parents to mend our ways of bringing up or approaching the young ones. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Listen to the Little Voices ...

 "Children should be seen and not heard."

It's a proverb referring to the children who are 
not supposed to speak in the presence of adults.
More often than not, it's used as a way to rebuke 
a child who has spoken when he or she should not.

But, most of the times, adults are too engrossed in 
their conversations and they tend to ignore the children. 
Those poor kids, who are in a dire need to impart an important 
information to adults would be rebuked for chipping in. These adults 
would dismiss the kids and sent them away.

To most grown ups, kids are a nuisance. They are bothersome. 
They are best kept at bay or tucked away somewhere. Hence, kids' voices 
are seldom heard. Their little pleas fall on deaf ears. Their voices are liken 
to whines and sulks.

However, in actuality, everyone has the right to be heard of.
Every God creature can have their say.
Each of us are equal. Size doesn't really matter in this case.

Thus, whenever your child is tugging at you, do spare them a little time.
Don't just hear but listen to them with an open mind. 
They'll feel loved and appreciated if their little voices are heard.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Conquering Myself ...

"To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle."
It's good to read.
It's great to memorise.
However, to practise it seems far fetched.

 I'm well aware that....
"Peace comes from within and we should not seek it without"

The Enlightened One has made it clear, though ...
"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. Our mind is everything. We'll become what we think of."
And many a time, this happens ...
" I was not punished for my anger, but was punished by my anger."

Thus, for a very beginning, I resolve to hold onto to this...

"I shall not dwell in the past. I shall not dream of the future. I shall concentrate my mind on the present moment."

Friday, 10 June 2011

My Son Has Grown Up ...

My son has grown up.
No more pouting, sulking nor whining.
He's wonderful, well-behaved and very independent.
Helping with chores around the house comes naturally to him.
That's my dear son, Korn.

Korn at 13.

Attending  a youth camp in a foreign land, Thailand.

Korn at 14.

Going full force at 15...

Korn will be turning 15 comes July 7.

You aren't a child,
though in my eyes,
I guess you'll always be,
that baby boy who changed my life,
and means the world to me.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Eleven Going Twelve ...

The last two years in primary school saw my boy turning into a 'little man'.
He drew admiration from everyone, especially girls ...

Korn at eleven.

When I first held you in my arms,
if only I'd have known,
the years would feel like moments,
after you had grown.

Korn at twelve.

There's no turning back...
Thus, I'm holding these moments 
as hard as I can.
As the next time I look,
I'll be seeing a man.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My Boy When He Was Ten ...

At the age of ten, little changes took their shape.
My boy began to display some'big brother's characteristics.
He's more responsible and looked his age.

Korn at ten.

At the age of ten,
His world made sense,
Games and toys gave way,
Books and works had their say,
Even had a try sleeping in the tent.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Korn at Nine ...

This is my boy at the age of nine.
His bob hair cut stayed...
but he began to have a little fashion sense.

Korn at nine.

Korn is such a great son,
Who don't only look for fun,
But, keep duty and work in mind,
As young as the age of nine,
Korn is indeed my honey bun.

Losing My Voice...

It started with a mild fever.
It went off after a cold shower in the morning.
The fever returned at dawn.
The next morning I'd a sore throat.

Miss Chatterbox

I ignored the 'red alert'.
Teaching was done as usual.
My pupils are my priority.
Lots of explanations and reading aloud done.
At the end of the two-hour period, I began croaking.

Fever returned at noon.
I dismissed an offer to be referred to a physician.
By evening, my precious sweet dreamy VOICE gone.
I pushed all the negative feelings to the back of my mind.
My VOICE would be restored by tomorrow!

Alas, till this moment, I'm still VOICELESS!
To those who had never gone through this predicament,
losing your voice is akin to losing an arm.
I'm handicapped.
My only way of communication is through sign language.
Pen and paper are of great help, too.

I'd even conduct a language class, and the pupils were very sweet.
Those little kids were extremely understanding.
They waited patiently for my 'written instructions'
and thereafter got down to work.
It worked perfectly well.

Oh, how I pray my voice would come back soon.....

Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Boy at Eight ...

Let's see how adorable was my boy when he was eight.
And, it's no longer a limerick ...
But I wish to call it a poem.

My boy at eight.

I can't help but wish,
that you were small again.
But then,
you're already eight 
and was well trained.

Friday, 3 June 2011

When Korn Was Seven ...

This is the second part of "When Korn Was a Little Boy"...

My boy at seven.

Many things planned to be undertaken,
When I turned my head, you turned seven,
Robots and cars are still lying around,
Waiting to be taken to the playground,
Sadly, some are already flattened.