Friday, 17 September 2010

Staying focused ...

     Staying focused is tough, at times. Trying to stay  focused ... for me at the moment ... is like trying to balance three pots on my head! There are too many distractions that come my way.
     I'm sure staying focused is a common problem for most of us, the so-called " techno savvy ". There are so many distractions out here in cyberspace that keep distracting us. The list is endless... sharing on Facebook, writing on friends' wall, commenting others' photos, responding to others' postings, playing online games, browsing others' blogs ...etc.
     Hence,  we can’t focus on getting the important stuff done. We’re so easily distracted from our main goals. Countless plans can be conjured up but how to stay focused on those plans is a great task ...  as eliminating distractions and realising the plans is another challenge.
     That’s it!!  I know, too well,  what the distractions are. I also know how to stop them from distracting me. Unfortunately... I fail to do it (yet... for the time being!)  I have to keep thinking about my ultimate goals. I don't want my life to amount to nothing ...  more than a series of distractions. 
    I'm praying hard... to myself... to prevent the distractions from seeping in! 
Hope the victory is mine! 

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Celebrating my homeland's birthday...

     This nation was 'born' 47 years ago, on September 16. From then on, Malaysia Day is held every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian Federation on the same date in 1963. It marked the joining together of Malaya,North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia. However, in 1965 Singapore co-opted out of the federation and became an independent city state. All of Malaysia's people are now called Malaysians. And beginning today, 16 September 2010  is a federal public holiday. Though the recognition of Malaysia Day has come 47 years late, it is better late than never. 
     As most Malaysians, I was brought up to love my homeland. My parents as well as my ancestors, who have resided here (long before the people who claimed this country is only theirs) are law-abiding people. They'd never done anything that might 'hurt or bruise' this peaceful land... and it'll stay true that way.
      We've severed our ties with our 'roots', not because we're no longer welcome there, but due to our immense love and respect to this land. It's our belief that ... your love for the land that has given you 'life' should remain undivided! I don't 'extracted' my land's wealth and safe it else where! I don't 'smuggle' out people's 'right' and tuck them in Swiss bank! I won't migrate to other countries after being 'educated' well by my 'mother'! 
      Those are my pledge to you, Mother Land!
                                               "Happy Malaysia Day!"

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Attending a wake ...

wake is a ceremony associated with death. Traditionally, a wake takes place in the house of the deceased, with the body present.In my place, a wake is synonymous with viewing or funeral visitation or Visiting Hours. It is often a time for the deceased's friends and loved ones to gather and to console the immediate family prior to the funeral. Beverages and food are served to the visiting relatives and friends. Monks are present to appease the dead man's spirit and also to bless the living. The ceremony is normally sombre where laughing and talking loudly are refrained. It's the most challenging time for the dead person's kins and relatives as they have to put up with endless cooking and serving the guests. Nonetheless, no one is complaining, everyone is performing their duty as a sign of respect to the deceased. May he R.I.P!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Winding up ...

      The holidays have come to an end. Tomorrow is working day. Most of the planned works are done. There're a few more needed my attention. Ironing, cleaning, sweeping, tidying up, vacuuming ... ought to be executed today! The past ten days at home were blissful. I've accomplished most of the task ... assignments have been wrapped up, group work ... my part was written! Hope to start the day  anew tomorrow!
      Nonetheless, at this moment, hordes of chores waiting for my attention. Just whipped up few dishes and they seem to whet my family's appetite well. Broccoli with minced meat, deep fried fish slices, stir fried red meat with sliced ginger and pumpkin risotto. Voila! A sumptuous lunch for my loves!
     By sunset this evening, everything should be in order. Clothes should be ironed, paper work should be ready for printing, and the most crucial one ...mindset  should be tuned to working direction!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

A movie with love ones ...

I'm writing this post after an evening with my love ones at the movie. "Grown Ups" was exhilarating! All the characters, be it the grown ups or the kids were tremendous.

Childhood friends got together at their coach funeral and it spelled ...FUN! Though destiny made them drifted apart, the funeral brought them back to their hometown where they were schooled and had fun growing up.

The message from their great coach, "Live your life the fullest and live it meaningfully... so when it 
buzzes for the final time... you'll have no regret!"

The Little House on the Hill ...

Of course... this is not me, this cutie is my niece Lynn!
                             I was born to a very loving couple nearly 40 years ago. My mom was the most sought after maiden of her era whereas my dad was the man dreamed by almost every beau in his hometown. Their sacred reunion results in me being born into this world. Being the first born... I was showered with lots of loves and attentions. Though the necessities were scarce ...they brought me up with their utmost love and care. 
 My childhood days were filled with laughters and joys. Few years later, my parents had another two girls and three boys as additions to their bundles of joy! From then on, the little house on the hill was never the same again. Each day, it was filled with laughters, quarrels, wails and screams... All those ... surprisingly had spiced up our life! Without them, our days would not be  spicier and saucier! 

 Now... the little house  is still standing proudly 
on the hill... in the tiny quiet village. However, its population has dwindled... leaving only my dad, mom and a sis with her extremely good-looking son.

Nonetheless, the little house on the hill comes alive, creaks and greets me every time I pay it a visit! And... I'll not cease visiting it ... as for lying at its bottom is my heart and soul!

It's my dreamz ...

It's been my dream to write and share my thoughts. Born into a peasant family, little did I know that I'll be able to own a platform to 'air' my dreams. Writing and sharing (especially in English) was never thought of. That's the power of education. Being 'educated' to love learning and hunt for knowledge proven to be very fruitful! After vigorous searching and browsing ... here am I, publishing my very first thought on a medium called 'blog'.